Tata Nexon Price in Kerala: Top Selling Tata SUV

Tata Nexon Price in Kerala starts from Rs 7.70 lakh and goes up to Rs 14.18 lakh. Nexon is one the best selling SUV in India. Nexon is the best car in the segment in terms of safety, performance, features, power, build quality and value for money. 

Nexon is a gem for Tata Motors, It is offered in 67 variants in which 31 are diesel variants and 36 are petrol variants. Base Model of Nexon is XE which comes at a price of Rs 7.70 lakh and the top model of Nexon is XZA Plus P Jet Edition AMT Diesel which comes at a price tag of Rs. 14.18 lakh.

Tata Nexon is being offered with both petrol and diesel engine options, both are BSVI compliant. Nexon comes with two engine options, including a 1.2 Litre, 3 cylinder turbo petrol and  a 1.5 Litre, cylinder turbo diesel. Both engines paired with either 6 speed manual transmission and 6 speed automatic transmission.

Tata Nexon Petrol Price in Kerala

Tata Nexon is available in 36 Petrol variant, in which 19 variant are manual and 17 variant are automatic. Here are the list of Tata Nexon petrol price in Kerala.

VariantEx-Showroom priceRTOInsuranceOn-Road price
XERs 7,69,900Rs 85,544Rs 33,959Rs 8,89,403
XMRs 8,69,900Rs 96,544Rs 36,462Rs 10,02,906
XM SRs 9,29,900Rs 1,03,144Rs 37,965Rs 10,71,009
XMA AMTRs 9,34,900Rs 1,03,694Rs 38,091Rs 10,76,685
XZRs 9,69,900Rs 1,06,689Rs 44,449Rs 11,24,038
XM+ SRs 9,84,900Rs 1,09,194Rs 39,342Rs 11,33,436
XMA AMT SRs 9,94,900Rs 1,10,294Rs 39,592Rs 11,44,786
XZ+Rs 10,39,900Rs 1,36,042Rs 40,720Rs 12,16,662
XZA+ AMT SRs 10,49,900Rs 1,37,342Rs 40,970Rs 12,28,212
XZ+ DTRs 10,54,900Rs 1,37,992Rs 41,095Rs 12,33,987
XZ+ Dark EditionRs 10,69,900Rs 1,39,942Rs 41,470Rs 12,51,312
XZA+ AMTRs 11,04,900Rs 1,44,492Rs 42,437Rs 12,49,392
XZ+ HSRs 11,14,900Rs 1,45,792Rs 42,597Rs 13,03,289
XZA+ DT AMTRs 11,19,900Rs 1,46,442Rs 42,722Rs 13,09,064
XZ+ DT HSRs 11,29,900Rs 1,47,742Rs 42,974Rs 13,20,616
XZA+ Dark EditionRs 11,34,900Rs 1,48,392Rs 43,098Rs 13,26,390
XZ+ HS Dark EditionRs 11,44,900Rs 1,46,692Rs 43,349Rs 13,37,941
XL+ LRs 11,47,900Rs 1,50,082Rs 43,424Rs 13,41,406
XZ+ DT LRs 11,62,900Rs 1,52,032Rs 43,800Rs 13,58,732
XZ+ L Dark EditionRs 11,77,900Rs 1,53,982Rs 44,175Rs 13,76,057
XZA+ HS AMTRs 11,79,900Rs 1,54,242Rs 44,226Rs 13,78,368
XZA+ DT HS AMTRs 11,94,900Rs 1,56,192Rs 44,601Rs 13,95,693
XZ+ PRs 11,97,900Rs 1,56,582Rs 44,675Rs 13,99,157
XZ+ Kaziranga EditionRs 12,09,900Rs 1,58,142Rs 44,976Rs 14,13,018
XZA+ HS Dark Edition AMTRs 12,09,900Rs 1,58,142Rs 44,976Rs 14,13,018
XZ+ DT PRs 12,12,900Rs 1,58,532Rs 45,052Rs 14,16,484
XZA+ AMT LRs 12,12,900Rs 1,58,532Rs 45,052Rs 14,16,484
XZ+ P Dark EditionRs 12,17,900Rs 1,59,182Rs 45,177Rs 14,22,259
XZ+ P Jet EditionRs 12,22,900Rs 1,59,832Rs 45,302Rs 14,28,034
XZA+ AMT L DTRs 12,27,900Rs 1,60,482Rs 45,427Rs14,33,809
XZA+ AMT L Dark EditionRs 12,42,900Rs 1,62,432Rs 45,802Rs 14,51,134
XZA+ P AMTRs 12,62,900Rs 1,65,032Rs 46,304Rs 14,74,236
XZA+ Kaziranga Edition AMTRs 12,74,900Rs 1,66,592Rs 46,603Rs 14,88,095
XZA+ DT P AMTRs 12,77,900Rs 1,66,982Rs 46,679Rs 14,91,561
XZA+ P Dark Edition AMTRs 12,82,900Rs 1,67,632Rs 46,804Rs 14,97,336
XZA+ P Jet Edition AMTRs 12,87,900Rs 1,68,282Rs 46,930Rs 15,03,112

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Tata Nexon Diesel Price in Kerala

Tata Nexon is available in 31 Diesel variant, in which 17 variant are manual and 14 variant are automatic. Here are the list of Tata Nexon diesel price in Kerala.

VariantEx-Showroom priceRTOInsuranceOn-Road Price
XMRs 9,99,900Rs 1,11,844Rs 39,718Rs 11,51,462
XM SRs 10,59,900Rs 1,39,642Rs 41,220Rs 12,40,762
XM+ SRs 11,14,900Rs 1,46,792Rs 42,597Rs 13,04,289
XMA AMT SRs 11,24,900Rs 1,48,092Rs 42,847Rs 13,15,839
XZ+Rs 11,69,900Rs 1,53,942Rs 43,974Rs 13,67,816
XMA+ AMT SRs 11,79,900Rs 1,55,242Rs 44,226Rs 13,79,368
XZ+ DTRs 11,84,900Rs 1,55,892Rs 44,350Rs 13,85,142
XZ+ Dark EditionRs 11,99,900Rs 1,57,842Rs 44,726Rs 14,02,468
XZA+ AMTRs 12,34,900Rs 1,62,392Rs 45,603Rs 14,42,895
XZ+ HSRs 12,44,900Rs 1,63,692Rs 45,853Rs 14,54,445
XZA+ DT AMTRs 12,49,900Rs 1,64,342Rs 45,978Rs 14,60,220
XZ+ DT HSRs 12,59,900Rs 1,65,642Rs 46,228Rs 14,70,770
XZA+ Dark EditionRs 12,64,900Rs 1,66,292Rs 46,353Rs 14,77,545
XZ+ HS Dark EditionRs 12,74,900Rs 1,67,592Rs 46,603Rs 14,89,095
XZ+ LRs 12,77,900Rs 1,67,982Rs 46,679Rs 14,92,561
XZ+ L DTRs 12,92,900Rs 1,69,932Rs 47,054Rs 15,09,886
XZ+ L Dark EditionRs 13,07,900Rs 1,71,882Rs 47,431Rs 15,27,213
XZ+ PRs 13,27,900Rs 1,74,482Rs 47,931Rs 15,50,313
XZ+ Kaziranga EditionRs 13,39,900Rs 1,76,042Rs 48,232Rs 15,64,174
XZA+ HS Dark Edition AMTRs 13,39,900Rs 1,76,042Rs 48,232Rs 15,64,174
XZ+ DT PRs 13,42,900Rs 1,76,432Rs 48,306Rs 15,67,638
XZA+ AMT LRs 13,42,900Rs 1,76,432Rs 48,306Rs 15,67,638
XZ+ P Dark EditionRs 13,47,900Rs 1,77,082Rs 48,431Rs 15,73,413
XZ+ P Jet EditionRs 13,52,900Rs 1,77,732Rs 48,557Rs 14,19,189
XZA+ AMT L DTRs 13,57,900Rs 1,78,382Rs 48,683Rs 15,84,965
XZA+ AMT L Dark EditionRs 13,72,900Rs 1,80,332Rs 49,058Rs 16,02,290
XZA+ P AMTRs 13,92,900Rs 1,82,932Rs 49,559Rs 16,25,391
XZA+ P Kaziranga Edition AMTRs 14,04,900Rs 1,84,492Rs 49,859Rs 16,39,251
XZA+ DT P AMTRs 14,07,900Rs 1,84,882Rs 49,933Rs 16,42,715
XZA+ P Dark Edition AMTRs 14,12,900Rs 1,85,532Rs 50,060Rs 16,48,492
XZA+ P Jet Edition AMTRs 14,17,900Rs 1,86,182Rs 50,185Rs 16,54,267

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Tata Nexon offers some standard features in the base model are digital instrument cluster, projector headlamps and drive modes. As you go up to the variant, the extra features will added to this car like – 

  • 7 inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Automatic Climate control with rear AC vents
  • Push start/stop
  • Sunroof
  • Automatic headlamps with rain-sensing wipers
  • Harman music system with up to eight speakers
  • Ventilated Front Seats
  • Cruise control
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Tata iRA connected car features supporting Hindi and English voice commands

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