Honda Unveils 3 New EVs Designed for Chinese Market as Part of Expansion Plan

Honda has been exploring new collaborations to produce electric vehicles (EVs) with Sony and General Motors and now the Japanese automaker has unveiled three new EVs in China. Honda showcased the new vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show, and it’s all part of Honda’s plan to expand its “e:N” vehicle series and have 100% new EV sales in China by 2035.

Honda aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2050, so focusing on an all electric lineup in one of the world’s biggest markets is a great start. The three vehicles presented in Shanghai are just the first of ten new EVs that Honda plans to sell in China by 2027. Two of the three are called prototypes, while the third is a concept, representing Honda’s design concept of Dynamics, Intelligence, and Beauty.

In essence, Honda wants these vehicles to be fun to drive, spacious inside with modern technology and have eye catching exterior designs. Although Honda hasn’t provided much information on the interior of these vehicles, the production version of each will have Honda CONNECT 4.0 software. Honda has given us a glimpse of the exterior design of each vehicle and there is plenty to be excited about.

Honda e:NP2 and e:NPS are the two prototypes and at first glance, they may seem similar. But closer inspection shows that the LED light bar headlight designs and front ends of the two vehicles are quite different. The e:NP2 gives off Honda Civic vibes, while the design lineage of the e:NPS isn’t as obvious. From the A pillars back, however, the two vehicles appear almost identical.

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Honda aims to sell only electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles all over the world by the year 2040. They want to become a brand that doesn’t harm the environment by the year 2050.

On the other hand, the e:N SUV is designated as a concept rather than a prototype, so it may be farther away from production. The e:N SUV looks sleek and monolithic, with a similar LED light bar design as the other prototypes. The large, chunky wheels give it a presence that would be fitting for a full size SUV if our assumptions are correct. Honda hasn’t revealed any interior details of the SUV, but we can assume that there will be plenty of screens and futuristic seats.

All three EVs are currently intended for the Chinese market, but it’s possible that one of these vehicles may make its way to other markets. Honda plans to eventually switch to 100% EVs in all markets, not just China. For now, we’ll have to wait for more information on these exciting new electric vehicles from Honda.

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