6 Big Reason Why People Choose Maruti Jimny Over Mahindra Thar

Recently Maruti unveiled Jimny 5 Door in Auto Expo 2023 for the first time, and made its global debut. Maruti launches its first SUV in India to rival Mahindra Thar which is the best selling off-road SUV.  

Mahindra Thar has made a name for itself in off-roading. But the Jimny is an equally capable off-road SUV and it has proved in the three door version of Jimny sold in the European market. And Jimny is the most popular SUV in the International market. Here is a look at why people choose Maruti Jimny 5 Door over Mahindra Thar.

Jimny offers 6 airbags – Safety Matters

What is required when you’re go for off-roading? Apart from all that, you need airbags. Maruti Jimny offers 6 airbags as standard on all its variants. While Mahindra Thar only offers 2 airbags (Driver and passenger).

From October 2023, Government mandatory 6 airbags as standard across all the cars in India, so here Maruti Jimny got a point.

Jimny is a practical car

As you know, Maruti unveils the 5 door version of Jimny in India instead of the 3 door version due to practicality, it is much more practical for 2nd row passengers from ingress and egress. Although Jimny is still a 4 seater SUV with an extra two rear doors.

Mahindra Thar comes with a 3 door version which is not practical for 2nd row passengers you’ve to enter or exit from the front passenger seats. While the 5 door version of Thar will be launching soon, it is spotted testing in the Indian roads, but for now Maruti Jimny 5 door is the more practical SUV over Mahindra Thar.

Jimny large Boot space

Maruti Jimny has a 140 mm larger wheelbase as compared to the Mahindra Thar. It results in extra space for the rear seats and as well as larger boot space. Jimny offers 208 litre boot space with rear seats in use. 

Mahindra Thar has no specific boot space for luggages, you’ve to fold the rear seats in order to create the boot space for your luggages. But when you travel with your family of size 4 or 5, then it is trouble to keep luggage. In Jimny, you and your family can go for an adventure with extra luggage.

Jimny is lighter than Thar

Both the SUV use a robust body on frame, Maruti Jimny weighs 1200 kg and Mahindra Thar weighs 1750 kg. The Maruti Jimny is 550 kg lighter than the Mahindra Thar, which makes Jimny more agile in some off-road conditions. 

Mahindra Thar offers great performance as compared to Maruti Jimny but due to lower weight of Jimny the power to weight ratio of both SUVs comes out 0.087 ps/kg. They offer the same power to weight ratio.

Jimny offers premiumness

Maruti Jimny provides you the premiumness in this segment. Jimny offers LED projector headlamps, which is not available in any variant of Mahindra Thar. Meanwhile, the Mahindra Thar is equipped with Halogen lights. Jimny gets some premium features that are found in luxury sedans and SUVs. It gets a headlight washer setup, which helps in muddy terrain.

Maruti Jimny offers a 7 inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, digital instrument cluster, day or night IRVM, defogger, electric ORVMs, steel wheels and power window.

Jimny Solid Front Axle 

Suspension plays an important role, especially when off-roading. Without good suspension your car will not handle well on rough terrain. Jimny offers old school suspension for better traction and more torque while Thar have modern Independent suspension.

Maruti JimnyMahindra Thar
Front Suspension 3-link coil spring suspension Independent double-wishbone with stabiliser bar
Rear Suspension 3-link coil spring suspension Multi Link suspension with stabiliser bar 
Front AxleSolid front axleSemi floating axle
Rear AxleSolid front axleSolid rear axle

Maruti Jimny comes with a solid front axle that makes the vehicle good off-roader in hilly areas. Meanwhile the Thar independent front suspension offers the front wheels with good articulation. 

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